To request services please log in to the client portal, or create an account if you have not already done so.  Once you have entered all of the required details for yourself and your pets, you will be able to request services.  We will approve them if we have availability, or reject them and notify you if we have a conflict.  For help with this client portal (called "Time to Pet,") visit our FAQ page.

If you need to create an account:

To log in to an existing account:

To download the free app for iPhones or Androids, just search "Time to Pet" in your app store.



Phone:  (812) 552-2265


If you'd like to get more information before creating an account and booking with us, click below and someone will get back to you within 48 hours. 



  1. By booking with Pet Watch 812, you agree that your pets' care may be provided by any member of Pet Watch 812's staff, depending upon availability. 

  2. When booking services, Pet Watch 812 allows a one hour window on either side of your requested time to complete said service. For example, if your service is booked for 8am, we may complete this service anywhere between 7am and 9am.

  3. Pet Watch 812 will not take dogs outside off-leash unless they are in a fenced-in area. This is for the safety of your pets, and our own protection. Invisible fences are acceptable. 

  4. Pet Watch 812 does not specify time lengths for any service, since each household will have different pets with different requirements. If you have concerns about how long we spend with your pets, please speak with us directly before we begin services. 

  5. Requesting services in Time to Pet does not guarantee those service dates/times are available. Services are not to be considered booked until the request has been approved by our team. 

  6. Services are to be paid for in full within 7 days of invoice date. Invoices will be sent after all services have been completed for extended trips, or once-weekly for ongoing services such as dog walks. 

  7. Services should be requested through the Time to Pet portal rather than via text, email, or other methods. This helps us stay organized and allows you to see what you have booked. 


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