Q:  How do I book multiple services at once if I am going to be gone for more than a day?

A:  To request multiple services at once, log in to your account.  Click "Schedule" from the menu, and then click the blue "Request New Service" button.  You will be asked if you need to request a single service or multiple visits.  Click "Multiple Visits," and then select which days and times you will need services.  Click "Submit Request" when done. 

Q:  What time of day should I select if the time of the service doesn't really matter?

A:  If we are just checking on your cats once a day, for example, and the time of day does not matter to you, you can select any of the time blocks and just mention in the "notes" section that the time is not important.  We may adjust the visit times from our end as needed.

Q: I have multiple cats/multiple dogs that all have the same feeding instructions.  Do I really have to type out these feeding instructions for every single pet if they are the same? 

A:  No, you do not!  Please just type out detailed instructions for one of your pets, and then for all following pets that use the same instructions, you may type "See (pet name)" and we will refer to that pet's file for all instructions.  Just be sure to specify if there are any differences, such as medications. 

Q: What if I do not know my pet's date of birth, breed, etc.?

A:  That's okay!  Just type "unknown" in any fields that you are unsure of. 

Q:  Why can't I select a specific time when requesting services? 

A:  Allowing services to be requested at any time of day would quickly get overwhelming for us.  To keep things organized, you are able to request services during certain time blocks, such as 7:00 am to 9:00 am.  If you need services to be completed at a time that you do not see as an option, please contact us and we will let you know what our availability is. 



Q:  Will you stay overnight with my pet(s)?

A:  No, we do not currently offer overnight stays. 

Q:  Do I get a discount if I am booking visits for an extended period of time?

A:  There is a 10% discount for 20 or more consecutive drop-in visits.  There is no discount for consecutive walks. 

Q: If my dog needs walked when you do the drop-in visit, do I have to pay $15 for the visit AND $15 for the walk?

A:  No.  Walks are included in drop-in visits, if needed. 

Q:  I have a question that was not covered here. What do I do? 

A:  Contact us at 


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